72 min

Director: Idan Haguel

Producer: Haggai Arad and Elad Peleg

Cast: Ilanit Ben Yaakov, Mohammad Bakri, Galia Yshay

Inertia is the first feature film by Israeli director Idan Haguel. It premiered at the 2015 Haifa film festival and then in the Forum section of the Berlin film festival. Simple and natural in its stylistic approach, it's a film that challenges human relationships and the battle against conformity.

Mira (Ilanit Ben-Yaakov) wakes up one morning to the sound of her own screams in an empty bed. The apartment is empty, and Benny, her husband of 18 years, is nowhere to be found. The police file a Missing Persons report and tell her to wait. As the weeks turn into months we understand that he probably isn't coming back. The realisation that she is alone prompts Mira to discover life outside of what had been a dull marriage. She starts to explore her own desires, doing her hair, looking for a job and even meeting the white-bearded man of her dreams.