Town On A Wire
97 min

Director: Uri Rosenwaks

Producer: Uri Rosenwaks and Eyal Blachson

The Romans called Lod "The City of God". This dilapidated town, a mere 10 minute drive from prospering Tel Aviv, is a hub for Palestinian drug lords and religious Jewish settlers. Acute poverty has helped cultivate racism, bigotry and violence, while many of Lod's 75,000 Jewish, Muslim and Christian inhabitants live in constant fear and day-to-day misery. Mayor after mayor drove the town deeper into the abyss until, finally, the Israeli government was forced to step in and appoint an official to manage the lives of Lod's residents.

Film-makers Uri Rosenwaks and Eyal Blachson delve into the bowels of this torn city, bringing an unprecedented chain of dramatic events to the screen. Town on a Wire provides a microcosm of how the larger tensions within Israel are played out on a daily basis, shifting rapidly between local gang wars and shootings to national and religious confrontations. Ultimately this film is a tribute to the lives of the brave men and women who have not given up hope for their beloved and impossible city.

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